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General Conditions


E-tickets are subject to the general conditions of the Organizer. The general conditions can be found on In addition e-tickets are subject to special conditions as outlined below.



An e-ticket is a document ordered and paid on the website of Tops International Arena (, printed by the Customer and serves as entrance ticket. A “Customer” is the person purchasing an e-ticket. The “Organizer” is Concours Hippique Valkenswaard BV.

  • 2.1The tickets distributed remain property of the organizer and are delivered to the customer under the condition that without the prior written consent of the organizer it is not allowed to I) to resell the tickets to third parties or otherwise to be directly or indirectly provided on a commercial basis to third parties and II) to offer tickets in commercial manifestations - in whatever way - or to refer to these tickets in another way.
  • 2.2If a situation as described in paragraph one of this article occurs, the Organizer will render the tickets void. Holders of these tickets will be denied access to the event, without right of compensation.
  • 2.3The Organizer reserves the right to cancel bookings exceeding the maximum, in case there are a maximum number of bookable tickets in certain events.
  • 2.4Only complete, legible and intact tickets give access to an Event.
  • 2.5Only the holder of the ticket showing the ticket first at the start of the Event will gain access.
  • 2.6The ticket could, depending on the type of ticket, also contain a seat number
  • 2.7Upon request of the Organizer the customer needs to show his/her e-ticket
  • 2.8The organizer has the right to reschedule or cancel the event; when cancelled the organizer should refund the purchase price (excluding service charges).
  • 2.9It is prohibited to bring glass, cans, firework, weapons and/or dangerous objects and/or alcoholic beverages to the event. The organizer has the right to confiscate these items.
  • 2.10Wheelchair users have the right to use wheelchair spaces.
  • 2.11The e-ticket is only valid when printed on A4 letterhead without adjusting the print size. The e-ticket is not valid when shown on a mobile phone, tablet, etc. A good printing quality is necessary. Tickets printed partially and/or missing a barcode are not valid.